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Paid to click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home

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Welcome to playcli, a new PTC platform experience that connects users to valuable earning opportunities. With our innovative system, you can monetize your time and earn money without much effort, simply by clicking on ads.

Our Features

Features Which Helps You Earn More

We're Global

Our reach is global, we have no country or region limitations, we accept traffic from anywhere in the world.

Best Support

Support at any time, any problem we are always ready to help, open a ticket and you will be quickly answered.

We Accept Crypto

We have a variety of payment methods, of course we couldn't miss cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

We're Profitable

Realistic opportunity to make a real profit by carrying out an online activity with high earning potential.

We're Secure

All data collected and maintained in our database is encrypted and is completely secure, with no risk of leakage or failure.

We're Certified

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom, we have the autonomy to operate online anywhere in the world.

Earning Statement

View your earnings generated by clicks or referrals in real time, and track your financial progress through your client panel.

Secure Transection

Search engine advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM), allows you to show ads to users based on the keywords.


Frequently Asked Question

If you need support, you can create a ticket on your dashboard and explain the problem you are facing and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Yes, one account per person is allowed, so other people who live with you can also have an account, but don't abuse it, there is a limit of up to 4 simultaneous VIP accounts on the same IP. Attempts to circumvent the account system will result in banning of all accounts involved. Multiple Free accounts are not permitted.

No, it is only possible to have one active plan on your account, activating a new plan automatically deactivates the previous plan.

You can receive your payment via PIX. Payments are divided into 2 categories, amounts from R$10.00 to R$249.00, the term is 12 days, amounts from R$250.00 to R$500.00, the term is 72 hours

Playcli is a PTC platform where anyone can register for free and receive cash rewards for clicking on the given links. What differentiates googli from other PTC platforms on the market is the extremely simple and intuitive system, as well as a clean and easily navigable design to facilitate and offer a good user experience.
Our Plan Packages

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Plan Free


  • Daily Limit : 1 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 0.00 BRL
  • Validity : 30 Days


Ganhe R$2,25 por dia e até R$67,50 em 30 dias!


  • Daily Limit : 5 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 20.00 BRL
  • Validity : 30 Days


Ganhe R$9,00 por dia e até R$270,00 em 30 dias!


  • Daily Limit : 20 PTC
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 60.00 BRL
  • Validity : 30 Days
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I have already received my first payment and I am very satisfied, I am confident!


I'm just starting, but I'm already enjoying it a lot, I hope it continues like this!


I found it very easy, I can do it very quickly and it doesn't take much time, it's a great opportunity!


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